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Shiva bypasses Bells on ISDN

Communications equipment maker Shiva announces a new ISDN service addition to its remote access equipment.

Communications equipment maker Shiva (SHVA) today announced a new ISDN service addition to its remote access equipment.

Shiva said the new service, called Provision Plus, is designed to make life easier for customers using the company's remote access equipment by offering them Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI) ISDN and T1 line configurations. Shiva will set up ISDN lines and estimate monthly communications charges, for a one-time fee starts at $30.

The new service means that customers and value-added retailers working out of both small offices and larger company sites can bypass regional Bell operating companies and deal directly with Shiva for line setup, the company said.

Engineers from Shiva will provide the ISDN technical know-how, installation, and maintenance of the lines for an installation fee at each site. The service is immediately available and comes with a 30-day warranty, the company said.