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Shiny, happy kettles

An ordinary kettle with extraordinary good looks.

Don't you just love shiny things? Kalorik

It's amazing how easily I can fall in a love with a good-looking appliance, even If I don't need it. Kalorik's new Aqua collection of small appliances includes a lovely cordless kettle for boiling water without having to turn on a stovetop.

My kitchen is already home to an instant hot water tap, a large hot water urn, a stovetop, and an old-fashioned kettle. And yet, there's something about this kettle that beckons me. This is the kind of kettle you can serve from at the dining room table and just smile knowingly when your guests compliment your fine taste.

Check out the lines: the frosted glass lid and base provide stunning contrast to the stainless steel finish. And the function is there, too, with a removable spout filter, a hinged lid that opens easily with the push of a button, and boil dry protection to stop the unit automatically when the water reaches the boiling point or when you forgot to add water.

For about $80, this kettle pricier than its purely functional cousins, but consider the form you're getting.