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HolidayBuyer's Guide

Shine a light on your wine collection

The Cuisinart 8-Bottle Wine Cellar is an attractive option for novice wine collectors.

Wine collecting made easy. Williams-Sonoma

It can be difficult to collect wine. It's not necessarily the entry price or the learning curve, as there are numerous varietals that are attractively priced, and a plethora of written advice is always only a few clicks away. No, what makes collecting wine difficult as opposed to baseball cards or classic cars is that wine is consumed. However, sometimes a collection need only be a few bottles strong.

The Cuisinart 8-Bottle Wine Cellar is a perfect solution for oenophiles who frequently "update" their collection. Holding either 750 milliliter or 1,500 milliliter bottles, the wine fridge combines aesthetics and practicality. It runs silent, as it uses thermoelectric cooling technology, which makes it an ideal model for countertop use. With eight preprogrammed temperature settings, it offers convenience at the touch of a button. Full manual control is also an option, and the refrigerator can chill wines to 20 degrees below ambient temperature.

An interior light illuminates your collection when the door is opened; the light can also be left on so as to show off your collection. The unit measures 10 inches by 17 inches, with a height of 17.25 inches. While the wine cellar doesn't take up much room, when it's time to grow your collection, a 16-bottle model and a 32-bottle model are also available. Just be careful, as then it would appear you've become a wine collector.