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Shine a light on this grill fan

The Sharper Image BBQ Grill Light & Fan combines two outdoor grilling accessories into one. The gadget attaches easily to the hood of most grills.

Get ready to grill--and to keep grilling.
Get ready to grill--and to keep grilling. Bed Bath & Beyond

Standing over a hot grill isn't a bad place to be, especially when faced with your own personal fans.

The powerful scent of barbecue wafting through the air is a surefire way to attract the attention of anybody and everybody within a reasonable distance. Adding a little breeze to a cookout has an additional effect aside from being able to easily meet the neighbors.

Directing smoke toward where it's desired, the Sharper Image BBQ Grill Light & Fan attaches to the grill, making life easier for the grill-master. Designed to not only cool down the cook but also to keep smoke away from the face, the grill gadget offers a unique way to customize the grilling experience. The assembly, which features a centrally mounted four-LED light as well as two independently controlled fans, mounts to a strategic spot on the hood via a universal clamp. Power is supplied by 8-AA batteries, and the fans and light have their own on/off switches.

The directional capabilities of the fans and the illuminating appeal of the light supply the necessary control for maintaining precision comfort during cookouts. Hopefully, as the neighbors pick up on the scent, more than a few will be acutely aware of this comfort zone and bring over a few beverages and burgers of their own, as now every grill session will have the possibility to extend into night.