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Shifting your way to cheaper gas bills

The 'Gaslock Indy Cater' promotes gear knowledge


Many of us are more than willing to do our part to fight global warming, but not everyone is quite ready trade the family gas guzzler for a Prius or a diesel Honda. Yet you can still take a small step toward lessening your environmental guilt with a new shift knob designed to promote fuel efficiency.

The "Gaslock Indy Cater" has an LED indicator that reminds the driver what gear the car is in. Some might think it's about as useful as the "qStart"--the gadget that tells you which side of the road you're supposed to be driving on--but SCI FI Tech says the knob can help cut fuel consumption by 15 percent if its directions are followed religiously.

And the money saved on gas can go toward the fund for the next knob upgrade, the $150,000 Bentley model.