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Sherlock in style with Holmes-inspired clothing line

If you ever wanted to see "Sherlock" translated into dresses and skin-tight leggings, then Gold Bubble's new collection should catch your eye.

Sherlock clothing
These clothes are elementary, my dear Watson. Gold Bubble

With the news that new "Sherlock" episodes are set to start filming early next year, a lot of fans are asking the all-important question "What shall I wear when the new series premieres?" Your answer may be found in Gold Bubble's new "Sherlock" clothing line, inspired by the popular BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

The collection includes a dress designed from the 221B Baker Street door, "Deductions" leggings emblazoned with the words that float through Holmes' mind as he works through a case, and a poncho tank with a wallpaper pattern. The "Belstaff"-pattern clothes use a look borrowed from Holmes's classic Belstaff Millford coat. Prices range from $69 to $79.

What sets this collection apart from some other TV-show-homage clothing efforts is the attention to detail. Gold Bubble got its hands on a an swatch of the wallpaper used for "Sherlock" and noticed it has a repeating blue-ish stripe along it. This is the pattern used for the "Bored" dress, leggings, and poncho.

"We chose to include a faded teal stripe in our print that is less shockingly blue than what is on the actual wallpaper, while still representing the presence of the stripe for those eagle-eyed fans who really know what the wallpaper looks like," explains Gold Bubble.

Fashionistas who want to get in on the Baker Street look should get a move on since the collection is limited and may only be available for a couple months. If you're looking to get your gear in time for San Diego Comic-Con, then you'll need to make contact and place a special request.

221B door dress
Now you can look like the door at 221B. Gold Bubble

(Via Nerdist)