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Shenzhen Shazam!!!

Browsing through the CES Exhibitor Directory, you can't help but notice Shenzhen's presence.

As a fellow CNET bloggerfound, security at the CES shooed us looky-loos away before we had time to poke around too much. There are, however, some observations to be gleaned from today's teasers. We'll all be treated with gadget after gadget starting tomorrow: I've seen devices like HDTV's that massage your back while it makes you a sandwich (no, not really), phones deaf people (yes, really), toys galore (lead-free let's hope) to name a few. But for now, out of the 700+ exhibitors, about 80+ are from, or list Shenzhen in their company's name. ShenzhenChina that is, one of the original special economic zones that Deng Xiaopeng started some 30 years ago. These companies primarily describe themselves as computer hardware manufacturers, no big surprise there. So, while China's emergence as a market-leader/producer has been talked about excessively, it's still a paradigm shift to see these companies unabashedly wear their home colors instead of hiding behind some random generic placeless buzz-word name, like MaxCoUnlimitedGlobal, LLC.