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Shelves for Life: From the cradle to the grave

A prototype shelving system is made from the parts of a coffin, which can be reassembled when needed.

coffin bookshelves
Till death do us not part...conceptual designer William Warren's furniture aims at engaging the user past expiration. William Warren

Despite the environmentally friendly idea behind the Shelves for Life, this is a pretty morbid concept. But for the sake of convenience, having your coffin parked in the house waiting for that impending day you kick the bucket, this is actually a cool idea--and much more practical than this casket tech from earlier Friday.

It ensures that come what may, your shelves can be recycled to serve you past the end of your life, particularly if you've grown sentimentally attached to this particular furniture. All it takes is some DIY savvy to dismantle and reassemble the oak-veneered plywood planks into a casket. Naturally, already precut to length.

Breaking down the Shelves For Life "Transfomer" concept.
(Credit: William Warren/Like Cool)

(Source: Crave Asia via Like Cool)