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In new Shazam featurette, Zachary Levi battles baddies with humor

The charming DC Comics superhero Shazam is quite literally a child at heart.

Not all superheroes have sad, gritty origin stories that make them borderline basket cases wearing creepy costumes. 

As the latest DC Comics superhero movie Shazam proves, just because you secretly fight crime doesn't mean you have to take life so seriously.

In a new Shazam featurette video released by Warner Bros. on Monday, we see new footage of what exactly happens when a kid named Billy Batson (Asher Angel) can magically turn into an adult superhero with god-worthy powers (Zachary Levi) just by uttering a single word: shazam. 

"Shazam is one of very few superhero characters that is genuinely stoked to be a superhero," Levi says in the video.

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Shazam hits theaters on April 5 in the US and UK. An Australian release has not yet been announced. 

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