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Shazam discovery of the day: Black Angels

I'm still amazed every time I use this iPhone app.

I've blogged about it before, and there's nothing new to report, but let me say it again: if you're into music and you have an iPhone, you've got to download the free Shazam app.

My local cafe is a crowded collegiate place, but there's free Wi-Fi and they never kick you out as long as you order something, so sometimes I work there. I'm always able to identify the music that the young hipster staff's playing--Radiohead, Sigur Ros, your usual alt-ear candy--but today they've got some ugly psychedelic guitar noise going on and I'm surprised people are staying to listen. It must be for Halloween. It sounds a little like The Fall or PiL, but a couple degrees friendlier. (That's not hard.)

I pointed my iPhone with Shazam at the ceiling speaker, and even with all the ambient noise in here--cell phone conversations, espresso grinder, milk steamer--it was able to identify "Snake in the Grass" by the Black Angels within about 15 seconds. A conversation with the staffer whose iPod is playing confirmed the selection, and also alerted me to the fact that I missed their performance last week with Roky Erickson. A night to remember, for sure.