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Shazam adds music video playlists to make you linger longer

After you identify a song, Shazam will suggest channels of music videos curated by editors, tailored by advertisers or generated by trending data.


Shazam will play videos related to the song you just identified in the app, such as Coldplay's "Hymn for the Weekend" with vocals from Beyonce (pictured here).

"Hymn for the Weekend" via Shazam

Shazam is introducing music-video channels to its song-identification app, its latest bolt-on feature aimed at keeping people inside its app longer.

The channels stream curated videos, in partnership with a company called Vadio, which powers music-video players for media and tech companies.

Early in the app economy almost a decade ago, Shazam emerged as a breakthrough concept that capitalized on the properties of phones. Combining content-identification software with phones' connectivity and their always-in-your-pocket nature, Shazam solved a problem that has existed since the beginning of recorded music. When a tune catches your ear, it tells you what the heck's the name of the song.

Shazam has spent recent years trying to figure out ways of keeping people inside its app once the program has finished its magic trick.

Now when a person "Shazams" a song, they are presented with a music-video channel curated by editors, automatically generated by trending data or built by advertisers. Greg Glenday, chief revenue officer for Shazam, said the playlists are meant to give people a reason to linger in Shazam for more time, to increase revenue possibilities for artists and to find new ways for advertisers to get exposure in the app.