Sharp's Blu-ray recorder to reach 1 terabyte

The 1-terabyte model, which can record 127 hours of high-definition digital programming, will sell in Japan for just over $2,600.

Sharp plans to launch a Blu-ray recorder with a 1-terabyte hard drive, as it competes with the HD DVD camp.

The model will have the largest storage capacity of any Blu-ray player thus far.

The 1-terabyte model, capable of recording 127 hours of high-definition digital programming, will go on sale December 1 in Japan for about $2,615 (300,000 yen).

Sharp also plans to offer eight more new Blu-ray recorder models by year's end in Japan in a bid to replace VCRs and conventional DVD machines.

The Osaka-based company said Wednesday it has no specific plans at the moment for overseas launch of these products.

Toshiba already offers an HD DVD recorder with 1 terabyte of storage.

Sharp, Sony and Matsushita Electric Industrial promote Blu-ray high-definition DVD technology, while Toshiba and Microsoft back the rival HD DVD format.

Video rental chain Blockbuster, the largest U.S. provider of home movie entertainment, in June came out in favor of the Blu-ray format. But Viacom's Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation SKG signed exclusivity deals last month to distribute their next-generation discs on Toshiba's HD DVD format for the next 18 months. The move evened the contest in which the Blu-ray camp had appeared to be pulling ahead.

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