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Smart Home

Sharp's appliances get an IQ boost at IFA

From a dishwasher that opens on its own, to a fridge that changes to a freezer via an app, Sharp's bringing interesting smarts to its first set of smart appliances.


Not content with simple notifications or a remote on/off button, Sharp's giving each member of its first line of smart appliances at least one unique smart feature. On display at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Sharp's rolling out a new oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine, each with Wi-Fi connectivity that goes beyond the basics of checking statuses and hitting start.

Called the Next Gen Smart Zone, the appliances do the basics as well, letting you change cycles or settings remotely. The bad news -- they're not officially slated for release in the US yet. They'll each roll out to Europe starting at the end of this year, and hopefully, if they're successful, they'll make the trip across the ocean before too long.

Here's the lineup:

  • The Sharp Love2Cook Oven provides assistance for over 150 different recipes and includes a temperature probe so you can check on your meal remotely. These features aren't the most unique of the bunch, but if well implemented, they should be quite helpful for novice cooks like myself. The oven will cost roughly £550, which converts to around $720 and AU$960.
  • The Sharp Smart Dishwasher is the most fascinating to me, and not just because I spend a lot of my time reviewing dishwashers. The door of the dishwasher actually opens on its own once the cycle ends. The idea is to let steam escape so the dishes can dry better. The dishwasher app also lets you turn on a quiet function, making it quite a robust app for a dishwasher. It should retail for £649 or $850, AU$1,130.
  • The Sharp Smart Double French Door Fridge/Freezer lets you switch a compartment from fridge mode to freezer mode via an app. You can also use the app to put the fridge into a super quick cool mode when you're on the way home with groceries, or holiday mode if you forgot to do so before you left for vacation. The fridge will cost around £1799 which converts to $2,360, AU$3,140.
  • The Sharp Smart Washing Machine lets you adjust the spin speed and tweak the temperature of the cycle remotely. I'm not sure I'd want that much ability to micromanage my clothes, but I'm sure those with a keener fashion sense would greatly appreciate the feature. Expect the washer to retail for £649 or $850, AU$1,130.

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