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Sharp: Our iPhone 5 display production is 'adequate'

The company was reportedly having trouble producing a high number of iPhone 5 displays, but it appears things are now better.

Apple's iPhone 5
Apple's iPhone 5 CNET

Sharp says that concerns over its iPhone 5 display production are overblown.

A company executive told Reuters in an interview published today that Sharp is producing "adequate volumes" of the iPhone 5's screen. According to Reuters, the unidentified person didn't say how many displays are being produced, but the reassurance seems to indicate things are better than thought.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Apple might be suffering from an iPhone 5 supply shortfall due to its display's in-cell touch sensing. Unlike the iPhone 4S, which came with a display and a separate touch screen, Apple's iPhone 5 combines the two layers. That has resulted in better color representation, but also presents new challenges for suppliers.

Among Apple's suppliers, Sharp was reportedly facing the biggest troubles and didn't start shipping its screens until the smartphone's debut.

Despite that, Apple's iPhone 5 had a strong first weekend, selling through 5 million units in its first three days of availability. Last year, the iPhone 4S tallied sales of 4 million units during its first weekend of availability.

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