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Sharp jumps on the iPod accessory bandwagon

Sharp jumps on the iPod accessory bandwagon by introducing the DK-A1 and step-up DK-A10 iPod music speaker system.

The DK-A1 iPod music system Sharp

Not to be left out of the ever-growing iPod accessory market, Sharp announced a new line of iPod speaker systems, the iElegance Music Systems. The product line consists of two models, each available in two colors: The DK-A1 and the step-up DK-A10 are white, and both are matched by otherwise identical black models, the DK-A1BK and the DK-A10BK.


Like all the other iPod systems we see, you'll be able to plug your iPod into the dock and play your digital music while also charging up. The boombox-like design makes it look like they'll be easy to cart around, but you probably won't be able to use it on the go; Sharp didn't mention being able to use battery power. These 14-watt systems have a couple of built-in speakers along with some side-firing subwoofers that supposedly light up in beat with the music. Rounding out the rest of the feature package is an AM/FM tuner and a remote, as well as bedroom-friendly alarm clock and sleep functions. The entry-level DK-A1 and DK-A1BK will carry a $230 price tag when they hit in May. The step-up DK-A10 and DK-A10BK will come out a month earlier, and that step-up to the CD drive brings the list price up by $100, to $330. That's a lot of money for what is essentially a boombox with an iPod dock, but it's hard to fault Sharp. People seem to be willing to part with any amount of cash for iPod-friendly gear.