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Sharp Galapagos tablet hits FCC

Sharp's 10.8-inch Galapagos tablet pays a visit to the FCC, but its limited capabilities make it tough to get excited about heading into CES.

Photo of the Sharp Galapagos 10.8-inch tablet.
The Sharp Galapagos EB-WX1GJ media tablet is more e-reader than iPad killer. FCC

The stateside arrival of a 10.8-inch tablet is typically a cause for wild celebration, but this latest arrival at the FCC doesn't seem to have the makings of an iPad-killer.

Instead, it looks like the Sharp Galapagos e-reader has finally trickled out of Asia, gracing us with its Linux-based, large format design. If you're looking for an oversize Nook Color, minus the core Android features, this could be just the thing.

To my eye, though, the design looks too polished to be cheap, and the features seem too limited to justify a high price. The addition of a Dell Streak-size 5-inch model doesn't get my blood moving, either.

Considering the timing just ahead of CES 2011, we'll likely have a clearer opinion in the next few days. In the meantime, check out the photo gallery with images from its FCC debut.