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Sharp boasts 'game changer' high-res Aquos Quattron Plus TV

The Japanese TV maker is known for going big at the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year is all about the subpixels.

Jim Sanduski, Sharp VP of strategic product marketing, on stage at CES 2014. James Martin/CNET

Sharp unveiled its new line of Aquos TVs on Monday, once again showing the consumer-electronics world that it knows how to think big.

The company touted the Aquos 4K, Aquos Q, and what Sharp President John Herrington called a "game changer" TV, the Aquos Quattron Plus, which has 10 million more subpixels than full HD. Sharp will release these TVs in a matter of weeks.

The Quattron Plus is meant to be a stopgap between 1,080p and 4K HDTVs at about half the price of 4k models, according to Sharp. The company said the Plus is the highest resolution full-HD TV available and is the only TV that can play 4K content and has a built-in upscaler designed to make everything you watch sharper.

Toshi Osawa, CEO of Sharp, said at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 that the new line will once again be top sellers among the world's largest HDTVs.

"Sharp has put more 60-inch or larger televisions in American homes than any other manufacturer," Osawa said.

Since Ultra HD televisions have become a standard for most big TV makers, brands were expected to focus more on style and software this year. Sharp chose to highlight its Art of Amazing 4K film competition, playing promo videos of filmmakers talking about picture quality. The company also highlighted its Sharp Universal Player; its standalone audio player; and its Smart Central software, which includes a recommendation engine, cable, and streaming services.

The Aquos line also includes a Sharp app for iOS and Android that lets you change channels and perform other minor TV functions.

CNET's live coverage of Sharp's CES 2014 press conference

Sharp was expected to stick to its usual "go big or go home" attitude by showcasing TVs with big screens and extravagant features -- not your typical home entertainment.

At last year's CES, Sharp touted its line of Aquos smart LED televisions, including the "world's largest LED TV," the Aquos 90-inch. In 2012, the Japanese electronics giant showed off a monstrous 85-inch 8K prototype.

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Update, 9:38 a.m. PT: Adds more information from the press event.