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Sharp BD-HP52U: Costs $380; details to come

Sharp has announced the BD-HP52U Blu-ray player, which features a $380 price tag and will stream video from a content provider to be named later.

Sharp announced a new Blu-ray player, the BD-HP52U, at CEDIA today, which will come out in October with a list price of $380. It has the standard suite of Blu-ray features, including Profile 2.0-compatibility and onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Sharp is promising that premium streaming video content will be available on the BD-HP52U, but the company isn't ready to announce who the provider is until later in the month.

Unfortunately, that's all the information available; Sharp hasn't offered up an image yet for the new player. Regardless, it will be hard for the BD-HP52U to gain much traction against competitors like the LG BD390 and the Samsung BD-P3600, which offers up a wide array of streaming media content, along with premium features like 7.1 analog outputs, onboard memory for BD-Live storage, and Wi-Fi.