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Sharks on a browser

Sharks invade your browser...kind of.

I have to hand it to the Discovery Channel. They're one of the few TV networks out there whose sweeps week involves one animal, and an absolute onslaught of programming about it. I'm speaking of course about Shark Week, an annual TV event that's been around since the late '80s.

One of the more amusing marketing tools I've run into this week is their Shark Week video remixer, which is a somewhat stripped-down version of Adobe's Flash video-editing tool containing various clips of sharks swimming, attacking, and messing about with divers. Users can string together the 5- to 10-second clips, and pick from a small selection of music to set the mood. There are also some transitions, sound effects, and graphics that can be thrown in the mix.

When users are done with their masterpieces of marine mayhem, they can e-mail them to friends and share them with others who can view them from inside the editor. Saving the videos requires site registration. Unfortunately, there's not a way to embed them anywhere else or save them to your hard drive, so you'll be hard-pressed to find any of these videos floating around. If you're still bent on keeping up with Shark Week happenings, there's a news widget for blogs and Web sites, along with one for Facebook users, too.

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[via ReadWriteWeb]

String together clips of sharks to share with others, or amuse yourself. CNET Networks