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'Shark Shield' fends off Great Whites

A gadget to keep sharks off your tail

Shark Shield

Surfing in shark-infested waters isn't exactly our idea of fun, but we feel obligated to mention this item for all the California Cravers out there. Australia-based Shark Shield (gotta love that name) has released the board-mounted "Surf," which it describes as "the first electronic shark-deterrent system specifically designed for surfers."

Creating a "shark-safe zone" that's about 26 feet in diameter, the system supposedly generates an electrical field that the offending shark senses through receptors in its snout. (We're not making this up.) The fish then goes into "muscular spasms" that renders it incapable of attack or probably much of anything else--but, according to Spluch, sharky will suffer no lasting ill effects so PETA won't get on your case.

It costs nearly $700, but that seems like a reasonable price considering the alternatives (missing limbs, etc.). Just be sure to keep an eye on the time: If you go past seven hours, the battery may run out--and probably right at feeding time.