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Share your favorite stories about GeoCities

Yahoo has finally closed GeoCities, ending a significant era of the Web. Now it's your turn to share your favorite memories of GeoCities.

It's official: GeoCities, once one of the most trafficked sites on the Web, has officially seen its last day. It's a sad time for many of us who cut our Web teeth on GeoCities.

GeoCities might have featured millions of sites that were ugly and poorly designed, but the site let us get on the Web for free. It was simple. And it brought value to millions of folks around the globe.

That's why I wanted to take a quick moment to send off GeoCities in, what I hope, is the right way. Let's use this space as a place to share our favorite memories of using GeoCities. Whether it's browsing its many sites or creating a site of our own, I think it might be neat to share at least one experience we had using the old site.

So, allow me to get that discussion started.

Back in the late 1990s (the exact year escapes me), I came across GeoCities. It seemed so revolutionary for its time. I didn't have the Web expertise to develop a site of my own, so I relied on GeoCities to do the job for me.

My site was ugly. There's no doubt about it. But for the time, it wasn't too bad.

I used my little corner of the Web to review video games. At that point in my life, video games meant (almost) everything to me. Every spare moment I had was used up by the digital characters I controlled on the screen in front of me.

Perhaps that's why the idea behind my GeoCities site made so much sense to me at the time: to offer reviews like those I had read in the many video game magazines I subscribed to. I had a scoring system, gave my take on everything from controls to gameplay, and ended each review with a "bottom line." It was fun.

But in the end, I slowly drifted away from my Geocities site. Ironically, I never thought a career in writing was for me. I moved on with my life. And, much like GeoCities, my small part of the Web was left to live out its final days alone, without much interaction.

Even so, that small site was my first foray into the online world. And although I would have liked to spend more time refining my GameSpot-wannabe, I have no regrets. It was fun while it lasted.

Now it's your turn. Tell us your own GeoCities stories or experiences in the comments below.