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Shaking up grill-time accessories

The Grilling Basket and Tray With Lidded Shaker Set tempt users to get out the grill in any weather.

Too tempting to stay inside. Amazon

Grilling season is never officially over. Unlike team sports or the weather, the grill doesn't cycle through calendar months, ticking off days, perpetually preparing for next season. While the use of the grill may be directly linked to sports and weather patterns, the fact remains that grilling trumps all. Two degrees above freezing in hockey season is still cause enough to bust out the grill, especially when there are new toys to play with.

For those who can stand the cold and wish for the fire, here is the Grilling Basket and Tray With Lidded Shaker Set available on Amazon. Grilling utensils fashioned into mesh baskets are always a popular item; one can grill small veggies or delicate foods such as fish without worry of losing contents to the fire. Complete with a nonstick coating, the grill baskets form a trifecta of easy-to-handle, easy-to-clean, and tempting-to-use cookware for the grill.

The variety of the three grill baskets brings diversity to the grill, but the standout is the Lidded Shaker (which can be purchased separately). Grilled hot potatoes or home fries can have seasoning added to them throughout the cooking process; a quick flip with the wrist and salt and spices become incorporated with no threat of any delicious morsels falling into the fire. Cold weather grillers should appreciate the affinity of this cookware for potatoes. The classic comfort food should supply enough energy to get through any weather.