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Shaken, stirred, and inside out

Deceptive inside out glasses reveal their shapes when they're full

MoMA Store

Father's Day is right around the bend, so you can bet on seeing a lot of gift ideas in the coming days on store shelves, like fancy ties, coffee mugs, and classy bar-inspired dishes such as these Inside Out Martini Glasses.

When your dad pulls the glasses out of the box, he might give you the kind of eyebrow raise and forced, "Oooooh, nice," that accompanies the gifts that end up collecting dust in a storage shed, because they look like ordinary drinking glasses from the outside. But pick your favorite hard liquor to pour into them and they reveal the classic martini shape on the inside. They're also make of a blown glass that insulates the liquid, keeping it cooler longer.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew designed the Inside Out Martini Glasses and they are available at the MoMA Design Store as a set of two for $65.