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Sgt. Jobs' Lonely Hearts Club Band? Maybe tomorrow...

Beatles rumors

Disclaimer: This is NOT an April Fool's Day post!

The EMI Group has announced that on Monday, April 2, Apple head honcho Steve Jobs will be present as the special guest of a major press event in London that will feature an "exciting new digital offering" and a "special live performance" by an undisclosed artist.

Rumor has it, as evidenced in a BBC article, that this may be the long-anticipated announcement that after miles of red tape and trademark bickering, Apple's iTunes Store will finally be selling songs by the Beatles. The EMI Group has released Beatles singles since 1962. Currently, no Beatles songs are sold anywhere in digital form.

Want to listen in? An audio webcast of the press conference will be available at The EMI Group's Web site beginning at 1 PM London time. That's 8 AM in the eastern U.S., and 5 AM on the West Coast. But hey, if it's potentially about the Beatles, maybe it's worth setting that alarm clock nice and early.

UPDATE: An EMI spokesman confirmed that this is not a mean April Fool's Day prank, but declined to comment on whether the Beatles have anything to do with it.