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Sexy XC60

Volvo releases details of its XC60 concept


Try saying that quickly. Here are the first pictures of Volvo's latest crossover SUV concept, which will go on show at the Detroit Auto Show next month. The XC60 is either a scaled-up Volvo C30 or a scaled-down XC90, depending on how you look at it.


Based on this image, the XC60 will have a flowing profile, with a swooping roofline and a tapering beltline culminating in an aggressive snout. According to Volvo's boss, Fredrik Arp, the production version of the XC60 will look pretty close to the concept and will be on dealer forecourts in early 2009.


The concept XC60 is equipped with a crash-mitigation technology called City Safe that helps the mini-ute keep its good looks in tact and its passengers safe. City Safe, which works at speeds of up to 20mph, uses forward-looking sensors to determine if a collision is likely. If the system decides a crash is likely, it precharges the brakes to assist the driver in avoiding a fender bender. If things are looking more desperate and the car thinks a crash is imminent, it will start to apply the brakes itself. Volvo calls City Safe "a breakthrough", but the Acura RL and the Mercedes-Benz S550 have similar systems and are available today.