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Sex and the pink V3

Everyone loves the design of the pink Motorola V3, it's set to become a classic. But what happens when a guy takes the phone of Paris Hilton onto the streets of London and flaunts it?

In a year best remembered for the fashion mobile phone phenomena, Motorola was the prettiest girl in the room on more than one occasion. Though the opulence of the gold Dolce & Gabbana V3 was more than most could handle, the pink V3 remains one of the most desirable mainstream fashion phones. From the coffee shops of Chelsea to the tea rooms of Harrods, this phone has seen more lip action from the rich and famous than Cary Grant.

Motorola has aimed this phone squarely at the female consumer, but in the interests of behavioral science, this Crave reporter took it around London in an overt exhibition of modern male metrosexuality. This is the phone that Paris Hilton uses -- if any modern gadget is an icon of female sexual voracity, this is it.

Stepping onto a District Line Tube talking on the pink V3 raises few eyebrows -- everyone in London secretly suspects they are seconds away from being attacked by a Trigger Happy TV crew, so it's no surprise that they feign nonchalance. Clearly things need to be stepped up a notch.

Selecting Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby as a ring tone and pretending to receive a call in a deep-level tube tunnel also had no consequence. Where is the lynch mob of bigots intent on teaching me a lesson for blurring the boundaries of gender? Is expecting that kind of reaction and not getting it evidence of my own prejudices? It's been a while since a mobile phone made me dissect my sociocultural preconceptions in this way. The last time it happened I was playing Java Crazy Golf on a Nokia 2600.

In conclusion, a man using the pink V3 (available exclusively from Carphone Warehouse) won't be publicly confronted in a modern metropolis. In fact I felt like a beautiful and unique snowflake when using it -- every other guy had a black or a silver V3. Losers. --CS