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Sex and the cell phone

Sex and the cell phone

MSNBC reported this week that Cingular is mulling a deal with HBO to offer programming from the cable network over its forthcoming 3G UMTS service. Although specifics have yet to be announced, an agreement could mean that HBO favorites such as Sex and the City and Six Feet Under could make it on to Cingular cell phones. Cingular currently has a six-city UMTS network that it inherited from AT&T Wireless, but the carrier has promised it will add more regions by the end of the year and increase its lineup of 3G-capable handsets. AT&T introduced the UMTS-equipped Motorola A845 last year, but Cingular has not actively supported the mobile since the merger. If a deal is signed, Cingular would compete with Verizon's 3G V Cast service, which streams video content from a handful of TV channels.