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Seth Rogen, James Franco play 'Freaks & Geeks' game

In the ultimate meta video, the actors play their characters from the "Freaks & Geeks" TV show in a choose-your-own-adventure game.

Even Seth Rogen thinks the "Freaks & Geeks" game is a bit too meta. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

New media duo the Fine Brothers and Doctor Octoroc have turned the cult hit TV show "Freaks & Geeks" into a retro-style choose-your-own-adventure interactive game on YouTube.

So who better to test it out than "Freaks & Geeks" actors Seth Rogen and James Franco? In the video below, Rogen and Franco play their characters from the show, Ken Miller and Daniel Desario, in the interactive game and reminisce about their time on "Freaks & Geeks."

Franco recalls not wanting his character to play a flying V guitar on the TV show because he wanted to be more punk, and Rogen loves the animation detail in the game, right down to the Mighty Ducks hockey jersey on Shaun Weiss.

"This is very meta and personal," Rogen comments in the video. "This is really accurate."

The game is so close to the actual TV show that Rogen and Franco find themselves impressed by the level of fandom it took to make the game.

Not only does the interactive game let them decide what the characters must do next in any given situations, but there are actual math questions to solve from tests their characters take in high school, such as "If the longer diagonal of a rhombus is 10 and the large angle is 100, what is the area of the rhombus?"

When asked about the diehard "Freaks & Geeks" fans, Rogen said in the video: "It's crazy because at the time we made it there was no infrastructure for canceled TV shows having any life beyond their cancellation. More people have seen it now for sure than when it was actually on television."

"Thank you for not realizing there's lots of other better shows that have come on in the last 15 years, and focusing on ours," Rogen added.