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Set Apple Software Update to ignore Safari

If you prefer not to download and install Apple's browser, you can tell the company's updating application to skip Safari or to not check for any updates.

I use Apple's Safari browser on my iPhone but don't have much use for it on my Windows PCs. I do run iTunes and QuickTime on the Windows systems, so every time there's an update for one of those apps, I'm prompted to download Safari.

A quick tweak of the Apple Software Update utility makes the Safari prompts history.

Open the Apple Software Update application via its shortcut on the Start menu. To set the updater to stop nagging you about Safari, check the browser's option in the main window, and click Tools > Ignore Selected Updates. Then click Quit.

Apple Software Update settings
Set the Apple Software Update utility to ignore the Safari browser. Apple

Alternatively, you can change how frequently the program checks for updates or stop it from checking automatically. Click Edit > Preferences and choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never. When you're done, click OK and Quit.

Apple Software Update Schedule dialog box
Change how frequently Apple Software Update checks for updates, or set it not to check at all. Apple

Now you'll get the Apple updates you need on your schedule without having to uncheck options for programs you don't want.