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'Sesame Street' skit slaps 'an app for that' concept

In a piquant and amusing little ditty, the revered children's television show digs at humanity's sudden reliance on there being an app for just about anything.

"Sesame Street" exists so that children gain some subconscious understanding that their parents are somewhere on the spectrum between fallible and incompetent.

Who can, therefore, be surprised that the show decided to offer a little musical balance to the current and very popular idea that there exists a mobile app to solve any problem?

This song reflects quite beautifully man's excessive reliance on technology to alleviate the deficiencies of his own narcotically addled brain.

You will, I trust, enjoy some of the notional apps introduced in the skit--such as the one that will help you meet a boy named Matt. Or the one that will help you comb your cat.

If you enjoy it, just think of what your children will make of it. Will they grow up to rely on apps--on an iPhone or another device--to tell them when to vote, whom to vote for, and even how to vote? Will they rely on apps to tell them what to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat? And will they rely on apps to tell them when to jettison their parents into cryogenic care, as they have outlived their usefulness?

I look forward to the first brave filmmaker who decides to shoot a documentary called "Application Nation." I know it will be fun, just as I know that this touching ditty will play a bedrock role in the final cut.