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Services to fight bug on the desktop

Hewlett-Packard announces an alliance with PC management software maker ClickNet to provide a single package for Y2K desktop compliance assessment and repair.

Hewlett-Packard announced an alliance today with PC management software maker ClickNet to provide a single package for Year 2000 desktop compliance assessment and repair.

The focus of the new joint effort will be the HP OpenView Year 2000 Rapid Deployment Channel Program, called RAD2K, which is designed to help desktop administrators manage Year 2000 projects in large enterprise environments.

Developed collaboratively, the RAD2K program includes manpower, services, and technology from both companies.

The Year 2000 problem, also known as the millennium bug, stems from an old programming shortcut that used only the last two digits of the year. Many computers now must be modified or they may mistake the year 2000 for the year 1900 or may not be able to function at all, potentially causing widespread disruptions in services in the transportation, financial, utility, and public safety sectors.

On the technology side, RAD2K brings together ClickNet's ClickNet Y2K and ClickNet, VeriDrive, and HP's OpenView Desktop Administrator.

ClickNet Y2K is an automated Year 2000 desktop compliance tool for identifying and evaluating Y2K readiness in a PC network, creating network inventories covering all of the PC hardware and software, and reviews the network inventory for Y2K compliance.

ClickNet VeriDate is a tool for auditing database spreadsheet files for potential Year 2000 date problems. VeriDate is able to analyze the databases and spreadsheets used on PCs and can analyze the databases that are accessible through ODBC. The tool can be used as a standalone, or it can be used to complement other Y2K compliance tools.

Along with the combination of the software tools, the new channel program includes documentation of Y2K implementation methodologies, consultants, and training for administrators on best practices for dealing with the Year 2000 technology problem.

"The RAD2K channel program has been put together to quickly help those companies that are still addressing Y2K issues on the desktop," Olivier Helleboid, general manager, HP OpenView Software Business Unit, said in a statement. The RAD2K program brings together powerful tools and builds on the expertise we've gained over the last couple of years in helping our customers address desktop Y2K problems."

Because RAD2K is a channel program, pricing depends on the channel partner a customer chooses. The program is expected to be available next month.