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Services firm to unveil new dot-com incubator

Internet services firm Primix Solutions this week will unveil a new incubator program for dot-com start-ups.

Internet services firm Primix Solutions this week will unveil a new incubator program for dot-com start-ups.

The Watertown, Mass.-based company's E-Catalyst program will offer venture-funded companies a suite of services including strategic consulting, Web design, and marketing advice.

Primix also plans to announce a deal to provide e-business services to Internet start-ups that offer products based on the iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, part of the Sun-Netscape technology alliance.

"Dot-com clients should expect to spend between $1 million to $2 million in the first year to get their business off the ground," Primix e-commerce managing director Michael Winton said.

Companies participating in the Primix E-Catalyst program include Harvard.net, which provides hosting services for sites; AHL Services, which will provide e-fulfillment services; Telesales, which offers call center support; and QuickTake, which provides online market research services.

In addition, Primix will also offer its E-Catalyst clients help in procuring office space, furnishings and equipment, in addition to information technology, finance and human resource help.

Primix isn?t alone in its push to help develop e-commerce firms. Cambridge Technology Partners, Viant and Zefer provide similar services, although Primix has said it doesn?t plan to take an equity stake in its clients.

Cambridge Technology Partners announced plans for its own incubator program in December. That firm?s efforts in the market came amid a profit squeeze and high employee turnover.

Founded in 1995, Primix offers strategic planning and creative consulting for firms interested in establishing a presence on the Web. The firm targets companies in the financial services, manufacturing, high technology, energy, retail, telecommunications, and health sectors.

Primix also competes with Scient, US Web, Eggrock and Proxicom in the services market.