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Service has an Angel to watch over you

NetAngels unveiled a search agent to serve as a cyberspace guardian angel.

NetAngels today unveiled a search agent designed to serve as a cyberspace guardian angel designed to guide users to sites based on their personality and interests.

A search agent is software that can navigate a network based on specific missions designated by a user or programmer. NetAngels' search agent, which really is called an Angel, will filter thousands of Web sites and deliver only the good ones to you based on a questionnaire about user likes and dislikes. "It [the Angel] studies your behavior and does a full click stream analysis of everything you ever look at and then it will produce your own personal page," said Gary Kremen, president of NetAngels.

The Angel locates and stores URLs, email addresses, and other online locations for registered users. The Angel will provide an automatic update of sites each day by continuously retrieving, downloading, and cataloging information from the Angel Network when a user is offline. Angels will also share information with each other by suggesting a URL to the Angels of other people with similar interests.

The NetAngel software is currently available for beta testing. The final version is set to be available free of charge by the fall.

The NetAngels service also guarantees privacy through its Personal World Pages service, which is stored on a protected server. The company promises that it won't release or sell member profiles. The Angel will also secure passwords and personal identification numbers, as well as filter out advertisements if requested to do so.

The company will produce revenue by offering a branded version of the product to sites including,, BigBook, and Women's Wire.