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Service archives video from tapeless camcorders

The Photo Archival Company claims to be the first to offer video archiving expressly for hard drive- or flash-based camcorders, likely because no one else thought it was a necessary service.

Have you stopped using your hard drive- or flash memory-based camcorder because it's run out of storage space? Do you have a stack of SD cards loaded with video that you'd like to transfer to DVDs? The Photo Archival Company is here to help.

For example, say you've got yourself a JVC Everio GZ-MG730 and its 30GB hard drive is clogged with hours and hours of video that you haven't backed up to a computer, DVDs, or external storage of any kind.

Just box up the camcorder and ship it to the site and it will create one DVD for every two hours of digital video starting at the base price of $29.95. In about one business week--in addition to the time it takes to analyze the video and agree to the project--you'll have your DVDs (or Blu-ray Discs if you sent an HD camcorder). If you managed to get your video off the camcorder and onto a portable hard or flash drive, the company can work with that scenario, too.

It's true it can take an extraordinary amount of time to transfer, process, and burn DVDs for hours and hours of video. (This is why you should be backing up recordings long before you fill the hard drive, as well as protecting yourself should you lose the thing all together!) But why would you buy a hard drive- or flash memory-based camcorder if you're not willing to take the time to at least transfer recordings to a computer and onto some other storage device or recordable DVD?

I mean, I kind of get paying to have DVDs created from an external hard or flash drive, but that's just weird to send an entire camcorder to a company so they can transfer video off of it. No?