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Server makers march onward

Linux machines see big gains in the United States in the fourth quarter, and Red Hat scores in Washington. Meanwhile, IBM, Sun and Apple have things to prove with new machines.

Economic conditions may be chilly overall, but it still seems to be a good time to be dipping into the Linux waters. Sales of servers based on the open-source operating system are soaring, and Linux provider Red Hat is winning fans in Washington. Meanwhile, IBM, Sun and Apple have things to prove with an array of new machines.

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Sun overhauls server line
Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems
February 10, 2003

The company's Advanced Server version of Linux receives a nod of approval that clears the way for broader use of the operating system in government.
February 11, 2003 

Big Blue is counting on several more powerful blade servers this year, including models with four Xeon chips and models with two of IBM's own Power processors.
February 12, 2003 

U.S. sales of servers running Linux nearly doubled in last year's fourth quarter from a year earlier, according to new statistics from market researcher Gartner Dataquest.
February 10, 2003 

update The company adds faster processors to its Xserve line of rack-mounted servers and cuts prices. Also, after some delay, a companion storage system debuts.
February 10, 2003 

The hardware and software maker is set to overhaul its server line and cut prices, aiming to show it's got the research power to stay competitive, even with today's depressed spending.
February 9, 2003 

The hard-drive maker, whose focus has been on the desktop PC market, launches the Raptor line aimed at servers and storage systems.
February 10, 2003 

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The "Monsters Inc." animation studio is swapping its Sun-based rendering system for servers containing Intel chips, as the Sun-Intel squabble bubbles along.
February 7, 2003 

Sales of the machines hit $4.47 billion in the fourth quarter, a 5 percent increase compared with a year earlier, according to new research from Gartner.
February 7, 2003