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Serve salad with style

French Bull's Salad Servers are available in a wide variety of funky patterns and bright colors.

Salad Servers French Bull

While I'm not about to change out my dishes just for a little more style or color on my table, I'm more than happy to try out new salad servers to add a little to the style of my table. I've become a big fan of French Bull's many salad serving options. With nine patterns to choose from, each set of two salad servers is unique. They're even unique within sets--one spoon shows a different part of an overall pattern than the others. Because French Bull cuts spoons from a larger pattern, the designs on individual sets can also very.

French Bull's salad servers come in sets of two spoons, each of with is 13 inches in length. They're made from melamine, making them dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. That heat resistances means that your salad servers can easily double as serving utensils for other dishes--and once you take a look at all the different patterns French Bull offers, you'll want to use these spoons with everything. However, the salad servers are not microwave safe. French Bull sells a set of salad servers for $15, and also offers salad bowls and other kitchenware in similar patterns.