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Serve salad with greenery

The Salad Plant Salad Servers share the fresh green color of the veggies in your salad bowl.

The Salad Plant Salad Servers Arango

It may be a little early, but I'm already keeping my eyes open for the first plants shooting up in my garden this spring. I'm ready for warmer weather and that fresh green color that seems to take over the whole yard. The Salad Plant Salad Servers may be the closest I come for the next few months, however. They're certainly the right shade of green and the handles look like those first little leaves that poke up. The salad serving set was designed by Martin Blum and Dan Black to mimic the early shoots of spring. It is made from food-grade melamine.

The Salad Plant Salad Servers come with a pot that will allow you to plant them right in the middle of your dining room table. The pot also doubles as a container for salad dressing, so you can stick to a spring theme all around. The set of two servers are slotted, so that you don't wind up with an overwhelming amount of dressing, but with a deep enough bowl that you can get a good helping of salad in one go. The salad servers, priced at $32, measure 4.3 inches wide at their widest point and are 17.3 inches long. The Salad Plant Salad Servers are priced at $32.