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Separated at birth: Microsoft Kinect and Sony Kinetic?

Some gamers are finding it a little odd that Microsoft would choose Kinect for the brand name of its new motion-sensing technology platform since Sony had a similarly named PS2 EyeToy product called Kinetic.

Sony's PS2 EyeToy game Kinetic came out 5 years ago. Sony

If you're like me and were wondering why Kinect sounded slightly familiar when Microsoft announced the name for its new motion-sensing game technology/platform, it's because about five years ago Sony put out a PS2 EyeToy game called Kinetic. No, the two words aren't the same, but only one letter is different, which has a few bloggers wondering whether Sony will put up a stink about it.

We assume that someone at Microsoft's crack legal team vetted the name properly, but it all seems a little odd considering Microsoft Kinect seems to share a lot in common with Sony's Kinetic, a motion-sensing based game that had a fitness slant to it. (Here is Microsoft's trademark application for the term).

What do you guys think of the Kinect name? Should Microsoft have stuck with Natal or gone with something else? Suggestions welcome.