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Sennheiser's first Bluetooth headset

It's late to the game but has a unique ball joint.

Crave Asia

Looks like Sennheiser Communications is pretty late to the game. The VMX 100 is the company's first Bluetooth headset that features VoiceMax dual microphone technology, which is able to distinguish human voice from background noise. And we thought we'd moved on to bone conduction already?

Anyway, the VMX 100 allows the wearer to chat non-stop for up to 5 hours or 100 hours if you leave it on standby. But what sets it apart from its army of competitors out there is its 3D ball joint that allows the user to adjust the microphone boom to their fancy.

Now if only Sennheiser could include some laser target acquisition algorithm in there. That should shut some people up in the office.

(Source: Crave Asia)