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Sennheiser Street Line: Ditch those white buds

Don't stand out as a newbie with the standard issue white earbuds -- Sennheiser's Street Line headphones will do wonders for your little white darlin's sound

Is there anything that says 'clueless newbie' more powerfully than those pretty-but-uninspiring white iPod earbuds? They're not only eye-candy for muggers, but they send a powerful message about your lack of tech savvy -- upgrading your headphones is going to do wonders for your little white darlin's sound. Thank goodness Sennheiser is around to sort us out.

The latest offering of ear goodness is the demurely named Street Line range, which features seven different designs that cost between £10 and £25, and come with darn stylish little carry-cases.

Pictured to the right are the Sennheiser MX 51 Street, emerging, like Venus on a half-shell, from a pleasingly ovoid case with nice orange details. This model also has an integrated lanyard and Sennheiser claims they pack an "extremely punchy bass response". The MX 51 Street will set you back £20.

Do yourself a favour. Next time your drifting away to a Mantovani medley on public transport, make sure you're not displaying two little white ear buds of shame. It's time to grow up your ears. -MP