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Sennheiser Sport: Singing in the rain

If you want to take your music on the move and the elements are against you, Sennheiser's Sport series headphones will keep your sounds pure in the sun, rain and extreme cold

If you've gamed your thumbs into the ground and are in need of some serious physical activity to revive the mind and body, why not grab your Sennheiser Sport headphones and go running in the rain?

Sennheiser's Sport series is designed "for active use" and comes in seven different designs, ranging from a basic MX 70 Sports model to the MXL 70 VC with additional fancy-pants lanyard and volume control.

All styles are issued in a sporty, stylish -- and radioactive -- green. Violently green rubber tubing around your neck is sure to set you firmly apart from the suited and booted iPod-wearing clones. Is this a good thing? In principle, yes, but it will mark you out as an extra-terrestrial.

Sennheiser is touting these bad boys as tough, water resistant and sweat-proof -- which is a relief, as we sweat buckets through our ears. And if you're shivering in one of London's fashionable ice bars, you can relax, as they'll work when it's below minus 10 degrees C.

The Sennheiser Sport series comes in a variety of stylish carrying cases and will cost between £20 and £30. They'll be available from late May. -KM