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Senior-centered Samsung Haven on preorder at Verizon

The Samsung Haven joins Verizon's lineup, packing several features aimed at the senior set, like a 911 button, a section for keeping medical notes, and ICE buttons.

Samsung Haven

Verizon Wireless and Samsung announced on Friday that the Samsung Haven is available for preorder.

The flip phone features a 2.2-inch display with large, adjustable font, roomy dial pad buttons, and a readout option that can vocalize menu selections. There are dedicated menu buttons to dial 911 and up to three ICE (in case of emergency) contacts.

In addition, the Haven comes with health and well-being features like a form for taking note of medical conditions, a fitness trainer, a reminder app, and songs for the sole purpose of stress relief. Speakerphone, voice commands, voice mail, a photo gallery, and text messaging are also onboard.

The Samsung Haven is now open for preorders, and will hit retail and online shelves on July 29 for $39.99 with a new two-year contract.