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Send in your questions for Steve Ballmer

CNET's Ina Fried and Molly Wood are traveling to Redmond. Send us a good question for Microsoft's CEO, and it might just get selected for a Thursday interview.

What would you ask Microsoft's CEO? Corinne Schulze/CNET

It's time for the next installment of CNET Conversations, and we have another terrific interview lined up: Steve Ballmer.

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Regardless of whether you love or hate the CEO of Microsoft, one of technology's most polarizing companies, there's no denying the influence that Ballmer has on the industry and, by extension, on the U.S. economy.

Microsoft is most obviously known for developing the operating system that runs the overwhelming majority of the world's PCs, Windows, and its Office suite of products has helped businesses around the globe operate more efficiently. Additionally, the Xbox gaming console, Windows Mobile software, Bing search engine, and MSN Web properties are significant businesses and ripe areas for exploration.

CNET has talked with Ballmer many times over the years, and we can say he's one of our favorites: insightful, forthright, funny, and passionate. For one interview at Microsoft's Redmond, Wash., headquarters, he showed up bleeding from the bridge of his nose, following a rough game of basketball on the campus court. (His team won, he assured us.) During another interview at CNET's offices, a food tray that included deviled eggs provided an opportunity for some juvenile humor.

This time, CNET's Ina Fried and Molly Wood will be traveling to Redmond. We've started crafting our list of questions to ask Ballmer on Thursday, but we want CNET's users to be part of the process.

Leave your questions in the comments section, and we'll select some of the more interesting ones to ask Ballmer. Leave your name, title, and company, and we'll give you credit during the interview.

For some inquisitive inspiration, here are a few noteworthy Ballmer headlines: