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Sena gets Creativo with iPhone 4/4S pouch case

A new iPhone 4/4S case from Sena has a built-in window that lets you answer calls without taking the phone out of the pouch.

The Sena Creativo comes in multiple colors and costs $39.99. Sena Cases

I recently wrote something up on the Camalen Hexa, a unique flip case for iPhone 4/4S that allowed you to prop your phone up in a horizontal or vertical position. Now I've come across another new, interesting case that I think is worth a paragraph or two of blog space.

This one's the Creativo from Sena, and it's a leather pouch with a little cutout window in it right where the "Slide to unlock/answer" button is. The one problem with pouch-style cases is that you normally have to pull the phone completely out of the pouch to talk on it. But the window on the Creativo allows you to answer calls without removing the phone--you simply lift the flap and you're good to talk.

The Creativo comes in black, tan, red, and brown for $39.99.

You can take calls without completely removing your phone from the pouch. Sena Cases