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Self-rolling yoga mat: Slap bracelet meets downward dog

You just spent an hour stretching, so why strain yourself to roll up your yoga mat? The YoYo mat curls itself up automatically.

The YoYo mat has a hidden roll-up mechanism. YoYo Mats

You may have a love-hate relationship with your yoga mat. On one hand, it cushions you as you stretch into pigeon, cat and half-cobra poses. It's like an old friend that travels with you to the yoga studio, securing your territory on the floor.

On the other hand, it doesn't always behave when you roll it up. It might flop around or come unrolled and get dirty while riding in your car.

The YoYo mat on Kickstarter wants to automate the process of getting ready for (and packing up after) a yoga session. When it's rolled out, it looks just like a regular yoga mat. Flip it over and it tucks itself neatly up into a tight roll.

The secret mechanism is the same concept that makes slap bracelets work. Metal strips along the sides hold it in place in one position. Flip it over and they curl up.

Some people might argue that a self-rolling yoga mat is an incredibly lazy way to deal with your exercise equipment. Even if you are tired after an intensive yoga routine, you should still have the energy to get down and roll up your own mat. But there's something kind of cool about the YoYo. It's the same thing that attracts us to those snap bracelets and turned them into a '90s fashion phenomenon. It's a nifty, low-tech gadget.

The top uses a textured non-slip surface so you don't go sliding around while attempting an upward bow pose. The mat measures 72 inches (183 centimeters) long and 28 inches (71 centimeters) wide. That's a little wider than a regular mat to make room for the metal bands.

The YoYo's creators emphasize that the mat's not just for yoga, but can be used for other fitness activities or as a portable play mat for kids. The price is on par with boutique yoga mats, coming in at a $79 (about £51, AU$112) pledge.

So far, the YoYo has attracted about $37,000 in funding toward a $50,000 goal with 37 days left in the campaign. As with any crowdfunding venture, keep in mind that not every project delivers as expected and on time. If the mat does make its funding goal, YoYo buyers will probably be the first ones out of the yoga studio after class.