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Self-lacing Nike Mags set for unveiling for Back to the Future Day

A tweet from a Nike PR director confirms the existence of self-lacing Mag shoes as seen in "Back to the Future Part II."

The 2011 Nike Mag shoes came without power laces. Nike

Update, 2 p.m. PT: Video of Michael J. Fox trying on the self-lacing Nike Mags first seen in is now on Twitter.

Besides hoverboards and time machines, the most-wanted piece of tech from "Back to the Future: Part II" is probably the self-lacing Nike Mag shoes Marty McFly sports when he arrives on October 21, 2015, in the movie.

We got some good-looking official Nike replicas in 2011, but they didn't lace themselves.

Get ready for your futuristic sneaker dreams to come true. Nike PR director Heidi Burgett sent Twitter into flux with a confirmation of the shoes' arrival in New York:

The excitement really ramped up yesterday when Nike posted a rare tweet (the company typically has a sparse Twitter feed on its official @Nike account) reading "@realmikefox see you tomorrow." Michael J. Fox, of course, played Marty McFly in the movies.

Back in January, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield noted the company was busy working on making the self-lacing shoes a reality.

It's been pretty much radio silence since then, with the exception of a brief moment when fans thought a sneak peek at the shoes had leaked on Twitter. That incident turned out to be just a photo of the 2011 non-self-lacing replica shoes.

We still have a lot of unanswered questions. It seems likely the shoes will be revealed today, but the reference to a "first pair" makes it sound like they might not be ready for mass production. Even if it's just a demonstration or protoype pair of kicks, "Back to the Future" fans will be thrilled to see them in action.