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Self-driving cars: Why? (The Next Big Thing, Episode 2)

Why self-driving cars make a whole lot of sense, how gesture control will augment -- but probably not replace -- a lot of technology, and is there even a third seat left at the mobile platform table?

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Self-driving cars are coming
It won't happen in one step, but it will probably happen during the introduction and improvement of a dozen or so technologies that might be in your car already.

3D gesture technology
We are on the cusp of moving from the 2D gestures of touch screens to 3D gestures that happen the way humans have always communicated.

What's next for mobile platforms?
If you're waiting to see who will shape up to be the third major mobile platform, you might want to change your viewpoint to if there will be one. The numbers suggest Android and iOS have taken the air out of the room.

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