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Select upgrades toolset

The component-based modeling tools vendor will roll out the newest version of its flagship toolset, complete with a new Java code generator.

Component-based modeling tools vendor Select Software Tools next week will roll out the newest version of its flagship toolset, complete with a new Java code generator.

Select Enterprise v6 features component management, an enterprise-scale repository, business process support, and code synchronization, the company said.

According to a recent market study by the Gartner Group, the market for component modeling continues to expand from its technical market beachhead to business-oriented IS development.

An analyst with the Hurwitz Group, Michael Barnes, said the significant element in Select's newest product "is the tighter integration [to the repository] enables users to model and map business processes.

"It's a much more developed repository, one that is actually from Softlab. That's also important. The fact that [the repository] is not Select's means users can plug in another one from a different vendor as well. Repositories are key for successfully developing and implementing component-based systems," Barnes said.

The company will continue to support Microsoft's Repository.

As part of the new release, Select is also announcing Select Enterprise for Java, a code generator for Java, providing a single view of the contents of the class models in Select Enterprise and the target language or design environment written in Java.

Last September, Select rolled out a package designed for users of PeopleSoft enterprise applications. The modeling tool, called Select PeopleTools Reverser, provides PeopleSoft users with a model-based view of their business application, as well as a path to component-based development, by reading the application's meta data and building data models for PeopleSoft versions 5, 6, and 7.

Prices start at $1,995 for the basic version, rising to $2,995 for the version supporting Forte, Visual Basic, or Java.