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Seesmic gets good tweaks, goes mobile (Updated: Invites!)

Company keeps tweaking its social video network, but it's still not available for public sign-up.

Seesmic gets N95 support. But you don't get Seesmic.

Seesmic, aka video Twitter, is still in private beta, but CEO Loic Le Meur is here at Demo 2008 anyway, showcasing a few new features. Nothing revolutionary, just a few nice tweaks. First, you can now easily see video responses to a video post, and in fact play all the responses in a continuous stream. It's like Friend TV.

Also, there's now a mobile application (Nokia N95 only so far), from which you can create and view Seesmic posts. Mobile Seesmics aren't streamed live like they are with Qik or Flixwagon, but it does make it easier to play in the network.

See my previous review, Seesmic: It's video Twitter and then some.

As promised in an earlier version of this post, I have secured more invitations to the Seesmic private beta. Send an email to (which is not me; I won't see these). The first 100 emails will get access codes. Good luck!