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Seeking Apple sports software

Will Apple ever give us some sports specific analysis software?

Apple was one of the first companies to bring us FireWire, which changed the way we imported video into our computer systems. They have always been known for great graphic and photographic applications. Final Cut Pro is known as one of the best movie making software packages available today. Our colleges and schools are full of Apple computers, but I have yet to see any sports analysis software applications that run on Apple computers.

It seems to be a natural fit, so why is there nothing out their for all those Macs? Well the answer is simple, it costs a lot of money to develop software, and Windows-based computers still dominate the market.

That being said, Apple has been developing world changing devices like the iPod and the iPhone, so maybe we will see some sports applications in the future for Macs and these other devices. Apple has been working on projects like a pedometer developed with Nike, but according to reports, it's not that accurate.

If anyone has been able to find a sports analysis software program that runs on a mac and allows you to use slow motion analysis and graphic tools to analyze video, please let me know.